Dawnia Bell is Foundr of Dandelion Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports women with gynecological cancer diagnoses.  Born out of a personal need for answers, direction, referrals and the need to confide in someone who understood. Dawnia discovered a void in support for women with gynecologic cancer as she embarked on a terrifying journey from diagnosis to survivorship with cervical cancer.

Looking for answers and information during a time of uncertainty she found that the help and resources for breast cancer patients were plentiful, dizzying  in number compared to those for gynecologic cancer patients.

While convalescing from surgery to remove a malignant tumor of the cervix, Dawnia made a commitment to create an outreach network that encourages women to connect with a mentor to help them through a cancer chapter of life.  She jokes seriously that she’s building the Susan G. Komen of gynecologic cancers.

Not sure how to tackle cancer, a massive complex disease and industry. Who would help her? Who would listen to her story? Who would care?  She is sharing her journey as she navigates her way through the non-profit world,  on a mission to connect women and save lives.

Life before Foundr

Dawnia spent most of her professional life in the competitive Government Contracting world. She’s invested 20 years of her talents and skills writing award winning proposals to help her employer secure multi-million dollar government contracts with Defense Health Agency, Department of Homeland Security, Indian Health Services, Food and Drug Administration, and the State of New York to name a few.

Dandelion Foundr has seen a bit of internet fame through her growing online presence and passion for social media engagement.   In 2014 she was brought on board at Social In Worldwide as Creative Director and grew their online community, Twitter network, and engagement in from two hundred fifty thousand to over 13 million.

DigitalDawnia is the Social Media Maven and the original creator and “Foundr” of DailyGreenDiva My Life on the G-List, an eco-lifestyle blog and online magazine with a tongue and cheek twist on the then popular show My Life on the D List – Kathy Griffin.

A known local influencer and digital marketer in her own right Dawnia worked in advertising at Posh Seven Magazine headquartered in Loudoun County. A more recent and noted accomplishment happened in spring of 2017 when Dawnia was invited to take the lead role of Campaign Manager by then candidate Vanessa Maddox who was running for Town Council of Leesburg. Dawnia stepped up to the political plate with a winning strategy that helped make history with a winning candidate as the first African American woman, ever to be elected to Leesburg Town Council,  a proud accomplishment.

Dawnia has been interviewed by MSNBC, Houston Chronicle, and slew of Bloggers across the country. Some say she’s the best friend you can have in a digital world.

Follow along each week as Dandelion Foundr, Dawnia Bell opens the window on her journey to grow the largest tribe of women gyn cancer survivors in the world.

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